Operating Partners = Ensure Your Growth with the credibility of having already done it (with our own business)

Join I&S Adviser CEO’s team !

You are an Entrepreneur (Companies founder) You’ve just sold or closed your organization, join I&S Adviser CEO’s team to bring your experience to the benefit of SMEs growth and join an active “have done it “ entrepreneur collaborative network

After a field training, as an ambassador of the brand and concept for your Geo, you are your own CEO and profit center leader, growth responsible, while benefiting of the entire I&S Adviser network, partners and tools.

= Independent but not alone.

Whatever your industry expertise  and your Geo, your experience, success and failures are a real treasure for our SMEs!

(An international experience is an advantage, but not mandatory)


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L'operating partner
La botte secrète des PME et ETI en croissance

Tout savoir sur la façon dont l’intervention d’un operating partner concourt à la création de valeur des entreprises

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