Operating Partners = Ensure Your Growth with the credibility of having already done it (with our own business)

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    About I&S Adviser

    1st Operating Partners network in France, I&S Adviser reinvents the SMEs strategic support, based on the simple and pragmatic conviction that “no one is better placed to accompany a CEO on strategic development and risk-taking challenges than someone who already “have it done”.

    I&S Adviser brings together former Entrepreneurs who endorse the new function of Operating Partners.

    Their mains interventions: all the subjects and decisions to be taken in the life of a company for which only an entrepreneur knows the real impacts

    • Their challenge: to enable entrepreneurs to reach the expected level of growth to continue his model and his business, taking into account cash or financing
    • Their subjects: choice or optimization of a business model, strategic vision, attack of new international markets
    • Their commitment: Not only advices but actions including success fees


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    Tout savoir sur la façon dont l’intervention d’un operating partner concourt à la création de valeur des entreprises

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